Wednesday, 22 October 2008

In the beginning...

So this blog. has sprung from a friend (Hi Dave) telling me about how he's started blogging, and it made me wanna...I used to do it but have totally forgotten where...and so here I've begun again which is kinda cool because it's a blank page. Very exciting!

I kinda know this is going to be more reflection than anything else, I used to write really bad poetry in college and have notepads full of very random thoughts which I'm going to put online just because there has to have been a point to all the thinking...does that make sense? I guess it doesn't matter even if it's all nonsense at least it means I can throw the notepads away, draw a line under all the teen angst.

I'd hoped that by the time I reached 24 I'd have sorted out all the things I worried about in my teenage years but apparently that's not the case...and as I'm turning 25 in the not so distant future I'm determined that in someway maybe I can work out what really matters and what doesn't.

So....this is it, my first blog, if you're reading this then I'm warning you now, undoubtedly I will say 'kinda' a lot and I like to use '...' to represent pauses because sometimes one full stop just isn't enough!

For now though this is doubt soon enough there will be more.

S x